Taelisin West
April 17, 2004


We visited Dave and Tiff out in Scottsdale, Arizona for SolFest. SolFest was mostly boring, but we did visit Frank Lloyd Wright's winter studio, Taelisin West.



It used to be way, way out in the middle of nowhere when he started it in 1938, but now it's literally around the corner from Dave's house. It pissed Frank Lloyd Wright off.



Dave and Tiff were a lot of fun to stay with and we enjoyed playing with Tyler and Nick.



Tyler and Nick were great. It's too bad we live so far away, because I like them a lot.



They had a really cool sculpture garden there with all the pieces for sale. 



This was a cool one.






The dragon wasn't in the sculpture garden, but it was a permanent fixture there. Frank Lloyd Wright was a big fan of oriental art. We have more pictures of the buildings and stuff, but they're mostly pretty boring and the buildings aren't that good looking, to tell you the truth.


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