Mia at 2 Months
August 6, 2006


Mia started smiling at us all the time lately. It's nice. She only fusses when you put her down, so we're holding her when she's awake.



She's up to 10 pounds now, and she can stand up on her own (with us holding her steady). She's been cooing and making all kinds of cute noises lately.



I think Amelie has gotten used to Mia at this point. She's been really good with her and she'll ask us if she can hug her or hold her hand.



Amelie pushes us in the hammock at the Camp in Costa Mesa, but we talked her into getting in there for the picture.



We got to play on the big twisty slide at a park on Lido Island.



Mike Charleton and his wife Lisa and their two girls were down for a wedding, so we had fun playing with them.



This is Mike's daughter Callahan with Mia.



Mia got to take a ride on the carousel at Fashion Island.



We went to miniature golf (for free!), but we all had handicaps. Here, Naomi is taking a swing with Mia in tow.



So what do you do, pound on the ball?



Kick the ball?



How about just pick the ball up and drop it in the cup.



Amelie is almost 2 and a half years old.



Until next time, when we once again prop up our kids for pictures.



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