Mia at 13 Months
June 25, 2007


Mia turned 1-year since the last update, and she's now 13-months. She's getting more and more teeth, more language, more play, and more fun.  Amelie is able to play a lot more with her now, too. Still the easy and happy baby she's always been, which is just amazing.



Mia looking a bit mischievous.



We see the four-year old in Amelie coming out a little bit at a time.



Dave and his family came to visit, and he took almost all the pictures in this update.



Mia all slinged up in her Mei-Tai.



Everybody went to Disneyland for a day (except for me, I had to work).



Hanging out with Eeyore.



Tigger with Amelie, Nick, and Tyler.



Getting ready to tame the wild west.



Back at home, having a tea party. It's watermelon season, don't you know.



We have to make deals with Amelie and give her a clear heads-up on when we need to brush her hair. It's so long, it's difficult to do. But, once she says we can brush it, she never complains, even when we're pulling on a snag.



Another good shot from Dave.



The 58 is still going strong, I drive it a couple of times a week to work.



This doesn't happen too often, and it seems like a miracle every time it does.



Mia up close.



Until next month, we'll see you then!



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