Mia at 10 Months
March 26, 2007


Mia is 10-months old now, and you can see the 1-year old coming out in her. Her face is changing, she just wants to play a lot more, and she's becoming more vocal. She mimics whatever Amelie is saying, too. When Amelie makes a funny noise, Mia is right behind her.



Amelie turned 3-years old on March 2, but I don't have any pictures of the party because I didn't take any pictures that day. So instead, here's Tia's 3-year old princess party where they are opening the piņata. Tia had her birthday a week after Amelie's.



Amelie's friend Ava had her 4th birthday on the same day as Naomi's birthday.  Ava can strike a pose if you ask her, and this is the pose Amelie uses when you ask her to do that.



Mia also went dressed up to Ava's party, but she kept a low profile.



Naomi and Mia at Ava's party, eating something, I'm not sure what.



Ava has a couple of rocking horses, but the brown one is Amelie's favorite. I think she's wondering how she's going to get Mia off the horse with Momma sitting right there.



Amelie found a swing Tam Pham set up at Tia's party and had fun swinging in it.



Amelie's been climbing trees every chance she gets, and it's neat watching how she uses her feet. I'm a big fan of going barefoot since it has all kinds of advantages, one of them being that you end up learning how to use your feet.



We took the Tanaka Farms strawberry tour, where they take you out into their fields and have you sample all the different fruits and vegetables they are growing, and it was a lot of fun. Their lettuce was incredible, and it's all organic.



At the end of the tour you end up at the strawberry fields, and you can pick and eat as many as you want, which for us is quite a bit. We had a great time.



Mia started out reasonably clean.



But it quickly turned messy. We sat her down between a couple of rows and let her have at it, and she loved it.



This is Mia all cleaned up and looking good.



See you next month!



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