Mia at 6 Weeks
July 5, 2006


Sue and Jason and Henry came to visit with Mia. Here Amelie is watering our quite small banana plant.



Dave and and his family came to visit Mia twice in the last month.



Here's Tyler and Nick holding Mia, with Melee their puppy watching on.



Dave took everybody to Fashion Island for a little fountain fun.



Janine also came by to see the baby.



Taking baths together, what a blast.



And then after the bath, we get all wrapped up in a towel.



Naomi has her hands full keeping everybody happy.



The whole family together.



I like this photo because Mia just looks so ridiculous.



Since summer is here, so are the tomatos.



Amelie looks great when she's all cleaned up.



We'll leave you all with kind thoughts of kids in hats.



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