Mia at 17 Months, Amelie at 3 years 8 months
October 23, 2007


We went by the Tanaka Farms petting zoo, and it was fine until we tried to feed the animals, then all hell broke loose. A bit of a stampede, actually.



Mia rested her head on the animals, when she could. It was pretty cute.



Naomi and her mom, Mary, drove up to Arcata in Northern California to visit her sister Hannah. It's so green up there, it's beautiful.



I feel bad we're not providing this kind of natural environment for Amelie and Mia to grow up in. It just seems so wonderful to be able to go exploring in the woods. The reality might be slightly less rosy, though, since Arcata has a sizeable homeless population living in the woods.



Those redwood trees are the biggest and oldest in the world.



Dave and Tiffany came by for a nice visit and a trip to Disneyland.



Naomi is a bit overloaded here. She ended up buying a Southern California season pass for only $50, signing up for more torture at the happiest place on earth.
Disney Tip #1: When you buy a season pass you can apply the value of a ticket bought in the last 45 days to it. So, Naomi used Dave's ticket ($67!) and applied it to the $120 cost of the season ticket. If you find somebody with a 3-day pass, you can get your season pass for free.
Disney Tip #2: You can go into Disneyland for 1 hour for free, presumably to shop. Stay longer than 1 hour, though, and cha-ching! You have to pay $67! Those ticket prices are insane.



The baby carrier worked well with Mia, we're gearing up for our trip to Costa Rica next month.



Mia loves showing us what she's chewing, thanks to a brilliant example set by Amelie.



I had to move the cars out of the garage so I could use the table saw (we're replacing all the carpeting in the house with flooring), so the kids had fun playing in them.



Mia has been very insistent that she wants to be naked all the time, and she does a cute dance when we take her clothes off, the naked baby dance, I suppose. Under the umbrella Amelie and her friend Ava are hiding.



Until next time, take care!



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