Mia at 7 Months
January 4, 2007


For Christmas we visited with Naomi's parents. This is Naomi's mom's chihuahua, Pepe. Amelie insisted on picking him up and carrying him around, but Pepe didn't mind.



Mia has been on a drooling bender recently as all her teeth started coming in. The front of her outfit here is all wet from the drooling. The funny part is when Amelie sees Mia playing with one of her toys, she'll go over to get it back from her and then drop it, saying, "ewww, it has drool on it".



I liked this picture of Amelie because of how oval her face looks and how the eyes compliment the oval, it's just really nice. You'll just have to ignore the mess on her shirt. She's taken to wiping her mouth with her shirt lately, so anything we put on her quickly turns messy.



Mia has started crawling and she's getting pretty fast. We're also walking her around holding her hands, and she's pretty good at that as well.



These next few pictures are from John, Natalie's husband. We visited them with our friend Ed on Christmas and finally had a chance to meet their daughter Samira.



Samira enjoyed playing with Mia.



Amelie was drinking tea there, she's actually a big fan of tea.



On New Year's Day we went to a birthday party for Audrey, Tam Pham's niece.



Mia is a big lover of animals, and here she's trying to get Pumpkin's attention.



Tia has the best toys, so Amelie didn't waste any time getting out there and playing with them.



Little girls and tea parties, what are you going to do. It's an irresistible attraction.



There were a couple of incline planes to climb up, I tell you, they got the best toys. Here, everybody waits their turn as Mia reaches for the stars. Here's to the new year ahead, and all the wonderful changes it will bring! See you next month!



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