Mia at 9 Months
February 20, 2007


Amelie and Mia went to the Date Festival out in Indio, where Naomi grew up. Hannah, Naomi's youngest sister took Amelie on all the rides.



The swings are a little scary for Amelie, but she was all excited once the ride was over.



Almost 3-years old, in just a couple of weeks. It's so apparent that she's moved into the 3-year old category. She's doing so many new things and even how she looks is so different than a year ago.



I love this picture because you can see the kids book Ken is holding that clearly put him to sleep instead of Amelie. She's off to go get Pepe, probably. Ken just finished a 49 day juice fast where he lost 40 pounds. He's looking pretty slim here.



Amelie loves holding pets, and Pepe is perfectly sized for that. Mia is getting in on the act and loving it.



Catching bubbles with Jacob.



Playing outside in February, it's nice to be in SoCal.



Amelie has her Dora the Explorer backpack on and she's ready to go.



Mia's four teeth (two up/two down) are doing the work of many on this celery.



Even though Amelie's face is a bit dirty, I still like this photo for those eyes and that crazy hair. The other day I accidentally tucked her hair into her underwear when I was getting her dressed. It's almost getting too long.



There's those four teeth in all their glory. Mia is so much more capable now, it's just really fun. I just love how she will light up just by looking at her, even from across the room. She's just pure love.



The two together. It still seems like Amelie hasn't fully accepted Mia as her little sister yet, i.e. she'll still run into her on her tricycle if Mia is in her way, but we're trying our best to improve this.



Naomi calls this the face that you can't say no to. So until next month, take care and have fun!



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