Mia at 4 Months
October 2, 2006


Amelie and Mia are both getting older (and more fun!).



Hasn't even gotten her first tooth yet and already she's reading. She's getting two bottom teeth any day now, though.



No teeth yet and already chomping on the celery. She's just ready to go.



Soon that smile will be a little more teethy.



Amelie is over two and a half years old, and you can just see the three year-old in her coming out. She's getting a lot more jokes now, too, which is fun.



Playing bongos in the toy room.



My company's picnic was at the Long Beach Aquarium, where Amelie was unfortunately eaten by a shark.



Eva is a neighbor from a few doors down and Amelie and her have a lot of fun together.



We're taking Amelie to mommy-and-me italian class for the second year. It's as much fun for us as for her, and we're picking up more italian phrases all the time.



This week they built sail boats, as B was the letter of the week.



Break-time at italian. Maria, the teacher, is trying to talk the little boy into coming back into the classroom as the break ends. Amelie is there to help out in any way she can.



Amelie enjoying her little castle at italian.



St. Simon and Jude had their annual fall fair and we had fun going all three days. It's pretty much the same fair I went to as a five year-old, and I find I enjoy the constancy.  Amelie did the same paint-and-spin that I did as a kid, and it was trippy doing it with her.



The bees are always a big hit.



Coming down the slide out of the fun-house. Naomi reports it was decidedly un-fun, however.



Mia waiting for Amelie to get off a ride.



Naomi's parent's were down for the weekend and Mary (Naomi's mom) took Amelie on the ferris wheel (that's what Ken's looking at).



Mia's big eyes checking out the fair. I was a bit worried she was going to get over stimulated by it all, but she seemed to be enjoying herself.



After all that fair action, Grandpa needs a nap more than Mia.



Dave came out to visit and we had a movie night with popcorn. They're watching Cars.



Sorry we missed Mia at 3 Months, but hopefully this extended edition makes up for it. Thanks for visiting!




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