Mia at 5 Months
November 6, 2006


Mia at five months. Still no bottom teeth, but still a very happy baby.



Baby Mia is looking good.



Amelie has also been a lot of fun, and here she's showing you her baby snail.



And now the baby snail is crawling up her arm.



Man, daddy has big shoes. The irony is that I've stopped wearing shoes, having switched to Chaco sandals, so this is the first use those shoes have had in a long time.



Amelie dressed up as a witch for Halloween, but here she's creating her own costume mash-up to become a Pirate Lady-bug.



Playing in the sand at Italian class. All the kids dressed up so it was a lot of fun.



Mia enjoying a bit of Italian class.



Witches at Italian class.



Mia is indeed a little angel.



At the end of Halloween, there was much napping to be done.



For those of you that noticed the last update was a bit Amelie heavy, it's only because we love her more. Just so Mia doesn't catch-on, though, we added a few more Mia pictures. We'll see you at six months!



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