Mia at 15 Months, Amelie at 3-1/2 years old
September 10, 2007


Dave was in town for a little bit, so we got to hang out with him, it was a great visit.



Naomi ordered this silly hat off Amazon, but it's a bit too big for Amelie just yet.



This is what usually happens with it.



Amelie loves olives, putting them on each finger, then eating them all off. She asked us to take her picture before she started mowing down. This is a small example of how we see Amelie turning into a 4-year old. She's just doing new things all the time.



Mia is getting her back teeth now, and starting to speak. When Amelie is bugging her, she'll say "GO!" to her and point away. It's so cute.



Naomi took Whitey to the Bark and Bubbles guy down the street and had him shave the dog. He looks more like a puppy now than he did before, but man, Whitey is old. We like him, though, he's a good dog.



The heat had us heading to fill up the kiddie pool in no time. Glad it's over.



So, in honor of my friend Ed, I went out and bought a 35mm f2.0 lens and started shooting like him. Of course, 35mm is too wide for portraiture, and if Ed had bothered to mention this to me I might have bought the 50mm f1.4, but sometimes wide is nice too.



So I'm taking a bunch of natural light shots now, trying to come close to the wonder pics Ed takes of Amelie and Mia.



I took a bunch of pictures in front of Amelie's friend Ava's house. I was just going to slide show them all here.



Until next time, take care!



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