Mia "The Fearless" Lorenzini
Born on May 24, 2006, 5:18am
Weight: 6lbs, 0oz - Height: 19.5 inches
Delivered By: Jeff and Naomi!

The 'before' picture. Naomi ended up about 12 or 14 pounds up.



Naomi had signed up for a sailing class on a 42-foot sailboat, and this was taken on Sunday, two days before she went into labor. With Amelie she was on the top of the house putting a new roof on, and for Mia she's sailing. She also painted the living room the day she went into labor.



The OCC Sailing Center had an open house on Saturday, and they were taking people on the 30-foot Shields boats for little tours around the Newport back bay.



Okay, let's get to the Mia pictures! This is right after the birth. Naomi doesn't look too sure about this though. We both have vivid memories of how hard the first year with Amelie was. All your free time - poof! - evaporates.



We did a water birth in the bathtub, and Naomi did the delivery herself. Mia came out all purple and wrinkly, but she got pink and cute and cuddly pretty quick.



She's looking good.



Mia came out with great skin tone, but we give her a little sun every day to keep the jaundice away.



My friend Eddie came by to see Mia. I'm introducing Eddie early to give him credit for the next few pictures. He was taking these amazing pictures for us, each one looking like it was shot by a professional.



We've got two little angels in the family now.



We're a little frazzled after being up all night, but we're just so happy Mia came into the world okay.



Naomi's mom, Mary, is a midwife, and for this birth, she made it in time for the birth. It was very cool to have her there with us. Amelie has been great with Mia. She woke up and a new baby sister had arrived, and she embraced her whole heartedly.



My brother Dave and his family, Nick and Tyler shown here, drove out from Scottsdale, Arizona to see the new arrival.



Naomi's parents, Ken and Mary, with evil-eye Mia.



We stole the name Mia from a neighbor a few doors down. So, this is the original Mia with the baby Mia.



Another one of Eddie's pictures. It's funny, because he's using the same camera I am (the Canon Digital Rebel XT), but my pictures never look this good. Maybe it's the lens.



Amelie and Mia.



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