Kimberly's Wedding
November 6, 2004


It was a beautiful day for Kimberly's wedding to Jason. The church was in Corona del Mar, and the reception was just down the street.



Amelie and Henry got to meet each other for the first time.



Yvonne was relaxed and enjoying the day. I expected her to be nervous, but she was just having fun.



Janine is there on the left as the maid of honor. The wedding ceremony was very nice, and Kimberly and Jason had tailored their vows to themselves. It was a great ceremony, and not at all boring like most catholic weddings.



Here's the newly married couple coming back down the aisle. Congratulations to both of them.



Sue and Jason's new baby boy, Henry (or as I like to call him, "Hank the Tank"), did what he does best for most of the day.



Once the ceremony was over, it was time for some serious fun.



The best man gave a very nice toast to the happy couple.



The reception was at the Five Queens in Corona del Mar. They had a lot of fireplaces.



Janine is looking great as the maid of honor.



This is Amelie with Erica's 18-month old, Aurora.



The bouquet was very cool.



And the cake was a "red velvet" that was something I've never seen before. The cake is actually red on the inside.



The first dance. These guys make a great couple.



Carol and Samantha were there, and Samantha is actually going to be married next year as well.



This was Amelie's first strawberry, and she wasn't too into it.



Jason, Kimberly and Sue.



Paparazzi were everywhere, watching their every move. We gave the camera to Erica's two boys, Max and Royce, and they took over 600 pictures for us. So, a big thanks to them for helping out. They did a great job.



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