Joanna's Wedding
August 12, 2005


We showed up in Santa Barbara on Thursday afternoon for Joanna and Zack's wedding. The rehearsal dinner was held at a nice place on the beach, but train tracks were right on the other side of this area and Amtrak trains would pass by every so often. Amelie was getting really excited because Naomi had taken her on the train at Fashion Island, and even taught her to say "toot-toot". So every time a train went by, she would ask for more train and say, "toot-toot" in a very urgent sort of way.



Chris (Dan's son) was there, but Matthew wasn't. Laura had gone blond for the last year, and Dino Jr.'s daughter Danielle was also there.



There was a trolley to take us from the Hotel Virginia to the church, so we told Amelie it was a train and she was loving it. She kept going "toot-toot" and it was just genius.



The wedding was held at a Greek church and it was really nice. It was beautiful weather and they had a trio of musicians playing, it was very cool.



Of course, I'm partial to female ministers, so I was happy to see they were being married by a woman.



Amelie was there wearing her best sunday outfit. She was pretty good for the ceremony, but Naomi took her to one side and let her run around a bit to keep her happy.



Here's Joanna being escorted down the aisle by her dad Allan.



The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked great. Julie actually made the bridesmaid's dresses.



Dan brought a super-cool 3-CCD High Def video camera and taped the ceremony. Later, he took some video of Amelie playing and edited it a bit with iMovie on his PowerBook to burn us a DVD. It turned out great, and if anybody wants a copy email me at [email protected].



The wedding party with the happy couple.



Laura and Julie after the ceremony. Relieved it's finally over, I bet.



Dan, Julie, and Dave.



Julie and Allan, parents of the bride. Allan actually selected the music we listened to during the reception and he did a great job.



Amelie started boozing again during the reception, and it had a predictable result.



Out like a light. One glass of wine and she's asleep in no time. My dad was a great help the whole weekend with Amelie.



The dinner and party afterwards was awesome. They had a great salad and buffet, the music was good and the people were ready to cut loose.



Amelie spent some quality time with grandpa while Naomi and I hit the dessert tray.



The next day we drove around the wine country up there, and we came across a farm raising ponies. We had some carrots in the car so we had Amelie feed them to the horses. She was really enjoying herself.



At the BBQ they had later that day at Zack and Joanna's house, they had a pool table in their garage. Naomi and I played a game of pool and she beat me. Note that Amelie is holding the 3-ball. She wouldn't give it back.

Many thanks go out to Joanna and Zack for inviting us to their wedding. It was a lot of fun.




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