Henry's Baptism and 1st Birthday
October 15, 2005


We went down to San Diego to attend Henry's baptism/first birthday party. Since it's a two hour drive for us, we required lots of snacks.  Amelie was awake until we got there and Naomi was a pro at keeping her entertained.



We drove down on Friday so we could go to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, and it was pretty fun. We actually enjoyed it more than the San Diego Zoo, although Amelie fell asleep as soon as we got there. The rhino's pictured here are enormous, but they can still charge up to 30mph. That's freaky fast for something so big.



Their petting zoo was cool because it was all these big animals like deer, so it was a little scary for Amelie to get right up and feed them, but they were still incredibly tame and only interested in the food.



Amelie really likes carousels, so we took her on the one at the park, and here she is petting the elephant before the ride. You gotta let 'em know you're friendly, otherwise who knows what can happen during that carousel ride.



Sue hooked us up with a sweet room at the Hotel Del Coronado, built in 1888, and it was the nicest hotel I've stayed in. They had a bed as comfortable as ours with down pillows and comforter. The water in this pool is so warm it's like taking a bath. Which is nice, because it was a bit cool out. The rooms had free internet, too. This place is so high-end, it's just nuts. Everything was just insanely expensive, though. I think the water bottle in the room was almost $7 if you opened it.



Sue had the baptism on the beach near the Del. The weather held out but the next day it rained a lot, so we all lucked out.



Amelie with Nonno out on the beach.



Dr. Olgovy performed the baptism. It was very nice of him to make the trip for it. Henry is a lucky guy.



After we dunked that boy in the ocean (for his own good, mind you), we dried him off and moved over to a yacht club across the street for the reception. Sue went nuts decorating, so I'll just give you a sample of the decorations in the next couple of pictures.



The USS Henry.



At the food area, sue had brought in glass block to put the model sail boats on. Is she insane or what?!?! If you need a wedding coordinator, give her a call.



What good is a birthday party without gifts!



Henry and Jason.



My dad took all the pictures at the reception, including this one of Haley and Hannah, Leisha's girls.



That's Naomi, Amelie, me, Grandma, Sue, Henry, Nonno, and Jason.



We waited until the baptism to tell my parent's that Naomi's pregnant, she's expecting at the end of May. We'll keep everybody posted as it moves along.



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