Amelie at 12 Weeks
May 22, 2004


Amelie at 9 weeks, backing up a little.



Since she's getting bigger, we have a lot more clothes that fit her now.



She's already reading at 3 months. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.



One thing we've been doing with great success is infant potty training. Unfortunately, it involves getting peed on every now and then, but it's been working really well otherwise. We're going diaperless day and night, and it's like magic when you hold her over the potty and make the 's' sound and she just pees. It's pretty cool.



The Amelie-cat hanging out with Jeff.  



Waking up is actually quite involved. She stretches for twenty minutes before opening her eyes. It's pretty funny.



Another picture of her all dressed up.



Amelie has her dad's tongue. It's a big ass tongue.



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