Amelie at 13 Months
April 20, 2005


We had a big group of people down for Amelie's 1st Birthday, so we celebrated with a little ice cream cake. Next year we'll have to do a raw pie so she can eat some of it.



Amelie got to open a box from Nonno and Nonna.



Nonno Lorenzini sent Amelie a book, and what do we do with books? We eat them, of course.


Tia's 1st Birthday was at the park, and they had a puppet show and Elmo, it was pretty cool. They had a great crowd.



For Easter, we had Amelie do a strawberry hunt, instead of an egg hunt. She did okay, filling up her basket and taking time out to enjoy them.



Makes me want to go get some strawberries.



For Edan's birthday, we went over to Aaron's for a picnic. Amelie had a good time and Chef Ito even showed up.



Gracie came by with Renee and they made bubbles. Amelie's favorite word is 'bubbles', and she's always going over to the front door and saying, "bubble!"



My mom came by so Naomi took Amelie down to the flower fields in Carlsbad. That's Henry with my mom. I think he's about five months old now.



Sue with Henry.



We also went to the San Diego Zoo with Sue and saw lots of cool animals. The coolest is not the giant panda, shown here, but the jaguar. Jaguars are so incredibly bad-ass, it's just amazing.



Amelie has a thing for frozen peas, especially when she's teething. Unfortunately, she'll dump them on the floor and then pick them up and eat them. It's not something we're encouraging.



Amelie sleeping with Grandpa out in Thermal. Seems like a perfect match.



Until next time, don't forget to shake your money maker.



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