Amelie at Ten Months
January 13, 2005


On Christmas Eve we took Amelie down to see Santa at Fashion Island.  We had to wait about an hour to see Santa, but it was nice talking with the other parents.



Amelie's first Christmas was a lot of fun. We went out to Thermal to visit with Naomi's family.



No trip to Fashion Island is complete without a trip to Teucher. Their chocolate costs $50 a pound, and it's flown in weekly from Europe. Their best chocolate is their house specialty, the champagne truffle. It's really good.



One nice gift Amelie received from my Dad was this outfit. Notice the stud finder there. She started going through my toolbox this month, just like Tyler does when he visits. I had to hide a lot of them first, though.



We had a ladder in our bedroom from working on the server closet, so we let Amelie climb to the top.



Amelie is walking much better this month. I think she's finally going to be walking on her own this month. We tend to say that every month, though, so who knows.



The requisite 'baby sitting at computer' picture.



The truth is she just climbed up onto the keyboard and started banging on the monitor.



The best part of the day.



That's Amelie at 10 months.



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