Amelie at Six Months
September 14, 2004

This month I'm trying a new style. I'm posting bigger pictures, 800x600, and more of them. If you want to give me feedback about it, let me know at [email protected].


While checking out the Core Tour in HB, we took Amelie down to the beach for her first outing in the water.



We also took her down to Fashion Island to ride the merry go-round. She seemed to like it a lot.



We had a picnic lunch (it was bring your own salad) at Knotts Berry Farm. Man, that was a tough day. She couldn't sleep because of all the noise, and the sun was beating down. Naomi went on the rides while Amelie watched.



Amelie has no fear of dogs or cats, and she likes petting them, but it's really more of a grabbing at their fur. This is a Pomeranian puppy at Fashion Island. The puppy was the most mellow puppy I've ever seen.



Amelie finally started crawling around. It's not the most efficient crawl yet, but it gets her from point A to point B. She sort of puts her legs under her, then lunges forward, then repeats.



The tongue is omnipresent.



She's not much more stable with the standing up. She can last for a second or two, but then it's timber.



Excellent recovery from falling over.



Naomi dressed her up in this skirt, it's kinda funny. She looks like a young exec, but one who knows how to get ahead in advertising.



Amelie had a chance to visit with Tia, who just turned five months old.



Galina was in town from Chicago and she had her first look at Amelie.



Dave was also in town for a conference and got a chance to play with Amelie.



You'll notice Amelie is drooling. Her first tooth finally made an appearance.




It's a bit hard to see, but you can feel it when she gnaws on you. It's just a little hard ridge.



Amelie went through this phase around 5-1/2 months where she would scrunch up her face like this and breath heavily through her nose. It was really hilarious. I'm not sure if it meant anything or not, like she was pissed off or something. It just seemed to be something she was doing because she could.



She's still a lot of fun, but if we forget to cut her fingernails, she lets us know it.



Ed's mom Sally gave us this lounge chair, and it looks like Amelie got a bit stuck.



She doesn't seem too bothered by it, though.



Until next time, peek-a-boo!



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