Amelie at 17 Months
August 2, 2005


For the Fourth of July, we bought a bike seat for Amelie so we could ride down to see the fireworks at the HB Pier. The fireworks were great, and we're now biking with her every day down to the park or just around the neighborhood. Amelie will point out bikes wherever we go, she's really enjoying it. Even the helmet is no problem for her.



I think this is a binky that Sue accidentally left with us, and I tell you, I just love how Amelie has no idea what to do with it. We never had one ourselves, so she just kinda puts it in her mouth and chews on it. It's kinda cute.



Last month I bought Naomi a new laptop, so we set up her old one with some Dr. Seuss software, and Amelie goes insane for it. She gets all still and when it starts she'll just go nuts screaming. It's totally ridiculous, and it makes me so glad we don't have TV. I would hate to have to compete with Barney and Elmo.



The carousel at Fashion Island is a lot of fun, and Naomi taught her to say "wheeeee..." when she rides it, but it just comes out "eeeeee". It's a little hard to get her off it, though, so we buy a few tickets and give her a bunch of rides in a row. It's also nice the carousel is right outside Teusche's Chocolate.



My friend Ed came back to SoCal for a short visit after being abroad for a couple of years, so he got to spend some time with Amelie for the first time. Right now he's back in Argentina living the good life.



Caught in the headlights.



My Dad was also out here for a weekend so we went to the Orange County Fair. This is at the petting zoo, which was really cool. The animals were very gentle and well behaved. Plus, they had a kangaroo with a little Joey in its pouch that stuck its head out every now and then.



This is a sequence I shot of Amelie trying to escape the clutches of the goat.



Amelie didn't mind feeding the pygmy goats, though.



Naomi and Amelie making bubbles.



This is a picture a guy I work with took at the US Open in HB. It seems impossible to pull something like this off, doesn't it?



Hey, call me, we'll do lunch!




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