Amelie at 1-Year
March 2, 2005


Amelie has been doing great as a little raw food baby. She's so heavy both Naomi and I are suffering back pain. Maybe that stroller isn't such a bad idea after all.



She's still not walking on her own yet, though. We're hopeful that soon she'll get it, although we keep hearing from other parents that it brings its own set of problems.



Nobody walks in LA anyway.



Dave and Tiffany and their kids Tyler and Nick (shown here) came to visit for her birthday.



We did a day at the park on Sunday. This is the park that Tam Pham and Carmela turned us on to. It's sweet.



Smiling for the parapparazzi.



Amelie demonstrates the proper way to go down a slide.



Climbing the tunnel all by herself.



Getting a helping hand down the bigger slides.



One thing I'm happy about is that Amelie has no fear of dogs. In fact, she goes nuts every time she sees one.



We went to Markus and Malena's engagement party at Valerie and Han's house in Emerald Bay, and they had a french bulldog that was a lot of fun and very friendly. It chewed on everything. This is Erika's girl, Aurora.



This picture was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 3700 (3mpixel) camera that we bought as a small point and shoot camera. It blows. The Canon Digital Rebel is what we normally use, and the quality of it compared to something smaller is just amazing. There is a comparison page here, if you're interested.
This is Tia and Amelie racing around at Tam Pham's house.



Family portrait.



Amelie at 1-year.



Remember, Amelie loves you very much.



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