Amelie at Nine Months
December 5, 2004


Even though I'm well overdue for a haircut, Amelie was still happy to been seen with me.



We bought this cheapo high chair and it's been working out good for containing the mess. The floor is tile, which is also helpful.



All that eating is giving Amelie a bit of dunlap. She's been pulling herself up and standing on her own for the first time this month.



When we bought this sink, it was so huge we though it would be a great way to give baby baths. It turns out we were wrong. All Amelie wants to do is splash the water all over the place. Once again, tile floors.



Amelie went through a phase where she would suck in her cheeks like this. She seems to try things out quite a bit. Last week it seemed like she was trying different laughs out. It's fun to see them figuring things out like this.



The two bottom teeth are continuing to get bigger, but this month one of her top teeth started coming in, and it was really hard dealing with her because she was so cranky at night. It's in now, though, so things have settle down again.



Amelie just unwrapped an early Christmas gift from Carol Craig.



I just liked this photo for some reason. Amelie has been signing back to us and it's really cool. When she has to go the bathroom (about 1 second notice) or when she's hungry, it's amazing how well it works.



Merry Christmas everybody!



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