Amelie at Five Months
July 31, 2004


Amelie reached five months and she's starting to have a lot more of her own will. She's grabbing at what we're eating and she's telling us more what she wants.



She's able to sit up on her own now.



And she can also roll over on her own, but only from the back to the front.



Edan visited Amelie for a little play time this month.



Also, Adrian and Isabella came up with Nicole and Harry from San Diego to have a movie night with us. 



We don't have a lot of toys for her to play with, but she likes chewing on this stuffed dog.



Daddy got to spend some quality time on the weekend with Amelie.



For the first time a few days ago, we started giving Amelie something other than breast milk. Since she's reaching for whatever we're eating, we figured maybe it's okay. The next day, though, diarreaha all day. We're still letting her suck on plums, or taste a smoothy, things like that.



Her hair is a lot like Naomi's hair, so we wanted to see what she'll look like when she gets older.



She's getting more fun all the time.



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