Amelie at Eight Months
November 6, 2004


Amelie continues to be a great raw food baby. It seems like she prefers a mono-diet, as well. So we give her lettuce, apples, persimmons, tomatoes, cucumber, pretty much whatever we're eating at the time.



We stripped her down and let her loose. We have a pomegranate tree in our backyard, so we can wait until they get ripe and crack before we pick them. They're less sour that way.



When Halloween was coming up, we brought out the decorations for her to play with.



We had this costume from Dave and Tiff, so we dressed her up and brought her down to Tanaka Farms' pumpkin patch.



Naomi picked up the little butterfly outfit for her.



And they're off! This year, Naomi actually did worse on candy than last year when she went around trick-or-treating pregnant.



Jeff and Amelie having some fun.



Amelie finally met Nonno  Lorenzini.



I'm rabidly anti-stroller, as many people know. Strollers create a distance between you and your baby, and why would I want that? So when Naomi bought one at a garage sale, I wasn't sure it would last very long. Naomi's been going on "strollercize", though, down at the HB pier, and that's about the only time we use it.



She basically pounds on the strings and the guitar body, but it's still nice she's taking an interest. She puts her hands on the strings when I try and play for her, so no sounds come out. It's her way of helping out, I suppose.



Amelie will say "kitty" when she sees our cat. We don't have a name for the cat, so we also call it "kitty" when we see it.



Let the avenging begin!



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