Amelie at 22 Months
January 2, 2006


We had some visitors since the last update, and my dad got Amelie this book. We still read it to her, she likes it a lot.



Dave came by on his way to a conference.



Amelie gets into the bubbles.



She just keeps getting to be more and more of a toddler and little girl, it's pretty cool to see.



We go and play racquetball and she just runs up and down the court screaming the whole time. It's pretty funny. We only occasionally hit her with a ball accidentally.



Carol Craig loaned us this tigger doll. It was her daughter's, but Amelie was really into it and she's been enjoying it for a while.



This is what can happen when you get too excited about blueberries.



And this can happen when you get too crazy with the apples.



Amelie is always super-happy to see you, so come back soon!



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